Catrice liquid eyeliner

Catrce tečni lajner

Hello my dear friends,

How are you? I’ve been away for a few days, but I hope you do not mind. While I was away, I was thinking about you, so today I’ll be talking  about liquid eyeliner from Catrice. I ran into him in one of the video that was published on Youtube by Sofia Grijak, so I decided to try it. How I love eyeliners, I wanted to try this. So, let’s begin with this liner, Catrice liquid liner.

Catrice liquid liner

So, this liner comes in a black plastic bottle. The applicator is spongy. Containing 1.7 ml. The shade of this liner is 010 Dating Joe Black. The price of this liner was about 4 euros. When it dries it becomes mat. When I tested it on my hand it looked quite good, although I did not quite liked the applicator. The problem arose when I wanted to try it out, but this time on eyes. The applicator I did not like. It was too rough. I even struggled when I wanted to draw a line. That’s what I could ignore, but on my eyes did not last long. I had an eye shadow base, so I was even more surprised that it did not lasted so long. It dries relatively fast, which is quite ok. The intensity of the color is also good.

Catrice liquid liner

Catrice liquid liner

The liner did not meet my expectations, because what drowse my attention are the intensity and that it lasts long.  I think it’s great for photos, as it is a good color intensity. I really love Catrice cosmetics and their products and they have thrilled me so far, but this liner is not for me. I really love liquid liners and I love the look that can be achieved with them, but I will leave this one only for photos. For now I will stick to my current favorite gel liner. You can read about it here.

I hope that you find this post helpful. If you tried this liner, what is your opinion of him? Until next time…


Your Coffeeholic!

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