L’oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner

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I hope you are well. Since mid-February, I will do a slightly different content. A lot of things I have in mind, but most of it will be filled at the end of the exam period 🙂 Today we will discus one of the topics that is my favorite, and that is eyeliner. Whether it is a liquid or gel liner, it is my favorite product in the makeup now! This time it comes to L’oreal’s Gel Intenza Eyeliner, so let’s go!

This liner, L’oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner, comes in a glass jar. With this eyeliner you get a liner brush to apply it, which is an additional plus. The brush is flat and rounded and it is very easy to draw a perfect line. The liner comes in 01 Pure black. As the liner is concerned, it is very creamy and easy to apply. Pigmentation is phenomenal. It is also easy to blend and, if necessary. When it dries, you can be sure it will not move. It can be set with a black shadow if you want it to be long lasting, or you want a matte finish. This liner will not fail even after 10 hours of wear, which is the longest period that I was wearing it. I got it for quite some time now and his formula is the same as when I first opened it. Of course, you must ensure that it does not remain open.

L'oreal gel eyeliner

If you want your liner to last long, without smudging I recommend that you place the base or primer underneath the liner. If you have a limited budget, I recommend you Artdeco, Essence or Avon base. If you are willing to spare a little more money for the base, there are Inglot, MAC’s and numerous other bases. Below you can see a swatch of eyeliner.

L'oreal gel eyeliner

I hope you liked this post, and that some of you will try L’oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner. If you are already using it, share your opinion in the comments. Also, it would mean to me if you tell me what you would like to read next. I love doing reviews, tricks in makeup, and soon I will do a lot more. Comment, please let me know and I hope that together we will enjoy the following posts. Until then…


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