Sleek Del Mar Vol.II palette

Sleek palette

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Hello my dear friends,

I hope you feel well. Today I decided to put some color in these rainy days and do a review of Sleek palette Del Mar Vol.II limited edition and with that will help me my dear friend and blogger Vesnin_blog. She will do a review of Oh so special palette from Sleek. With this review, I will leave you a few pictures of the possible variants of makeup looks. I hope you will like our reviews and that you will enjoy the post.

I already wrote about Sleek’s products. If you are interested in that post, you can read it here. As already known, Sleek products come in matte black packaging. I love their packing, but I have to admit I love their products too. The palette include 12 shades of shadows, sponge applicator and mirror. I don’t use applicators that comes with the palette. 

And now let’s talk about eye shadows in this Del Mar Vol.II palette. They made an effort to includes shades of matte and shimmer and pearly finishes. With this range you can do completely neutral or completely creative makeup look. However, this range of pigmentation is not at a level that is characteristic for Sleek palette. The shades blend very nicely, but they can be a little chalky when you use them with a brush. What I liked is that it has a matte shade that can be used as a transition shade. In addition to the many shades I like the golden one, which is really wonderful. In the palette there are several shades that are perfect for summer and give the “pop of color” with some makeup looks.

Sleek Del Mar palette

*Photo taken from internet

What I need to emphasize is that not all shades are the same intensity of pigmentation. You will see in the pictures which shades are less pigmented. You should keep in mind that these shadows receive a higher intensity with the base or white pencil like Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk.

To conclude: I think Sleek has better palettes. The pigmentation is not quite at the level typical for Sleek. They’re easy to blend, but they are chalky. Colors become more powerful when used in combination with white pencil underneath if you want to achieve a more intense look.

Below you can see the looks that’s made with Del Mar Vol. II palette, or in combination with another Sleek palette!

Sleek Del Mar Vol.II palette

Makeup look with Sleek palettes

I hope I have helped a bit by writing this post. My dear friend Vesna did a review of another Sleek palette in shade Oh so special, so you can check it here! I hope you will like our reviews!


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