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How are you today? After I have celebrated my birthday, I’m coming back with some new ideas and new posts. I hope you like it. We are going to talk a bit about Nyx products today, more precisely about lip products. We are going to compare it and then we will see which one is the best. We will compare Nyx soft matte lip creams, butter lipsticks and matte lipsticks. Let’s start…

Nyx Matte lipsticks come in plastic packaging, which is transparent in the middle of the packaging, reveling the color of the lipstick. The packaging is matte black. These lipsticks have MLS label. I have the one in shade Merlot and it has MLS16 label. The package contains 4,5 g of the product. These Nyx lipsticks cost around 7 euros. Considering the product itself, I can only tell you that it is great. It doesn’t make lips dry, like it is the case with the most of matte lipsticks. The pigmentation is great and the product is easy to blend with other shades. If you are blending it with other shades, do so right after applying lipstick. I like this product because it’s long lasting. I have already mentioned it in my other posts that Nyx products are cruelty free, which means they aren’t tested on animals. I can say only the best things about this product.

Nyx Merlot

The next one is a butter lipstick. It also comes in a plastic packaging and the packaging is in the color of the lipstick. These packages have also a transparent part in their middle through which you can see the color of the lipstick. These lipsticks have BLS label. I have one in the shade Licorice reglisse and it has BLS11 label. The package contains 4,5 g of the product and the price is similar to matte lipsticks. They don’t dry out lips at all. Furthermore, these lipsticks hydrate your lips. Their pigmentation is great and they are long lasting. With these lipsticks you can make a great ombre effect. I can say only the best things about this product too.

Nyx Licorice


The next category belongs to soft matte lip cream. It comes in a plastic packaging with a brush applicator. The package contains 8 ml of the product. They have SMLC label. At the moment I have two of the most popular shades, those are Transylvania and Copenhagen. Their label is SMLC21 and SMLC20. I think that their price is a bit lower than the one of the lipsticks. If I am right, those two shades you can only buy in the fall. The shades are really beautiful and the pigmentation is good. Copenhagen and the previously mentioned shade of the butter lipstick are identical. The thing I noticed about this product is that it need couple of minutes to dry. Even then I am not completely sure if it is dry. As the shades are darker, they require more patient for an even application. Even though both shades are really nice, next time I would rather choose the lipstick.

Nyx Transylvania Copenhagen

 (The darker one is Transylvania, the brighter one is Copenhagen)

I hope this was helpfull and that you will try out this products. If you did, what do you think about them? Comment below. Till next time…


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