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Huda beauty lipstics

Hello my dear,

how are you? Although it is Sunday, I have decided to write a review of Huda beauty liquid lipsticks. As you know, they are currently one of the most popular liquid matte lipsticks and you probably could have already learned a lot about them. Below you can read my opinion about them and see swatches! 🙂

You can order Huda beauty products through the Cult Beauty website. They will be committed to deliver you the package as soon as possible, and offering free shipping if you order products at a certain value (if I remember well over 40 pounds). I have 4 mini liquid lipsticks by Huda. They came together in one package, and the collection is named Nude Love Edition. Each mini liquid lipstick contains 1.9 ml of the product, while the full size of the lipstick contains 5 ml of the product. The price of this mini collection is 33 pounds.

Huda beauty

The shades in this collection are (from left from right):

Chrush – A light peachy nude with a pink accent

Wifey – A delicate pinkish nude

Girlfriend – A light apricot nude

Sugar Mamma – A sweet peachy nude


Huda Beauty

Although the shades look the same in the package, they are not. All the shades are very beautiful and long lasting. They have a very pleasant tropical scent, which becomes unnoticeable when they are dried. They become mat after about 30 seconds of application. They last about 6 hours, and then they begin to fade. What’s the problem with the darker lipsticks is that it’s very difficult to reapply a new layer of lipstick when the lipstick begins to fade, that is not the problem here. They do not dry out the lips, but I certainly recommend a lip balm before any kind of lipstick. Although, like all other lipsticks, you can wear them alone, I always like to use a lip pencil with them. When they dry, they do not move from lips. It was even hard getting swatches off my hand 🙂

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty

The shades are truly beautiful and long lasting. Shades are perfect. It’s easy to fit them with any look. It is also easy to achieve ombre effete with them. Although they are perfect as matte lipsticks, you can combine them with some toppers and lip glosses for a completely different look! If you had the opportunity to try Huda beauty liquid lipsticks, what are your experiences? Share them in the comment below, where you can also write what you would like to read on my blog! Enjoy the rest of the day and next week! Until next time…


Your Coffeeholic.


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