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Hallo my dear,

Today I decided to tell you how it all began. I am talking about my love for makeup and everything that followed. I have planed this post for a long time, but I decided to give it time, to make it perfect.

Makeup didn’t catch my attention at first. Mostly because I couldn’t use it, because of my allergies. Luckily that allergies have began to disappear after my puberty and I was able to use certain kind of makeup. Even though I still have some issues with that, I can use eyeliner, mascara and BB cream. Unfortunately I can’t enjoy it completely, but I was dedicated to learn everything there is about those products, how to use them, what are they made of etc. I started watching more and more videos about make up, I read a lot and I decided to put some make up on. I believe it wasn’t perfect and I know it can always be better. I am always very critical of my work and I know I can always be better.

When my mother realised my obsession with make up, she decided to gift me something special for my b-day. She has signed me in a make up course by Sanela Arbutina. I was trilled with enthusiasm. I was really happy that I will be able to learn all the little tricks that are needed to fulfill the gaps in my knowledge. When I started with the course I had big previous knowledge, but my weakest point were foundations. I didn’t know much about them, the reason for that may be that I didn’t do any research on them. I dedicated the most of my attention to the eyes. They are fascinating to me. As the course went on, I have started filling my gaps, and Sanela has tried really hard to give as much attention to everyone on the course. I think I was screaming in my thoughts every time she would have approved my work. We stayed in touch even after the course. She would call me every time she would make a new course. She always tried to find new challanges for me.

She was always implying to me how she has something in mind and that she would like that I became a part of it. She asked me to help her conduct a seminar which she was organizing. Even though I was really nerves I accepted the offer. We did the Glam look and our partner was the cosmetic company Avon. I enjoyed every single moment of learning and associating with other girls. I have got much from this seminar, but I think that the most important thing was now my even bigger wish to become better, maybe to even seriously dedicate myself one day to the educations and lectures for make up.

I know I had a great opportunity, I know I wasn’t the only course taker, that I have much more to learn and that I am not the best in what I am doing. I have to point it out, that even the best make up artist in the world won’t do much if you don’t have the passion for it and if you don’t practice it. Practice is the key to everything. Maybe even my experience wouldn’t be so positive if I hadn’t been practicing it and doing it with passion. I believe there is always room for improvement and for practice. You can get out of the routine very easily, that’s why you have to give it all you have and to practice a lot. There are plenty of make up artists in the world who know a lot and are selfless sharing their knowledge and giving advises, listen to them. Try to learn everything they can offer, search for perfection and be “hungry for knowledge”. I think that that’s the thing that is separating you from others.

I hope I didn’t drag this post out too much, but this was the shortest it could get. Sanela is great, as a friend and as a teacher. In any case, you have my recommendations for her. I believe that the positive energy won’t be absent and she is always there to give you an even bigger challenge. ‘Till next time…


Your Coffeeholic.

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