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Hello my dear friends,

Here’s a little review today. I could not avoid it and not share with you an opinion on this product. When it first appeared, I was not sure whether to try it or not. Later I needed it for a little makeup experiment, so I decided to buy it. I can tell you that I was thrilled. The product of which I will write is the Miracle glow oil by Avon company.

Let’s start with some basic things. Avon said that the Miracle glow consists of five precious oils, which are:

  • Babassu oil, which is responsible for the production of collagen,
  • passion flower oil that stimulates the production of elasstin,
  • green coffee oil is responsible for the hydration and
  • flax seed oil, which strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

Miracle Glow Oil contains no parabens, artificial colors, it’s allergy-tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

The product contains 30 ml. It comes in a glass bottle with dropper for easier dosing. Packaging is very finely done. Avon recommends that you use 2-3 drops of oil  on the clean skin of the face. I use it every night. I have extremely dry skin. I apply 4 to 5 drops on previously cleansed skin, after I apply the cream. The oil is rapidly absorbed. It is very light on the skin. In the morning, my skin is very soft, without the desiccated parts and eczema. As for the smell, it is quite nice and gentle.

Miracle Glow

Honestly, I did not expect that my skin could react so well to the Miracle glow, considering how sensitive my skin is. I’ve always struggled with finding the appropriate creams for my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised by this oil. In case you have another type of skin, you can reduce the number of drops. Often you can find it on sale in Avon catalogs. Regular price is about 10 $, and when it is on sale is approximately 5 $. It is worth buying, when you consider the amount of product and you use only a few drops a day.

I hope that I helped you with this post at least a little bit and that some of you will try it out. If you decide to buy it, let me know your impressions. If you already have one, what is your opinion on this product? Until next post …


Your Coffeeholic.

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