Lip care

Lip care

Hello my dear friends,

how are you doing today? Do not think I forgot about you. It took me some time to take a break from exam period and to organize everything that I have planed. Today we will talk a little about lip care, which is certainly needed in these winter days. This is what helps me.

As our face requires a certain care, so do our lips too, both in winter and in summer months. In winter, the lips dry out faster, and therefore are more prone shooting. Just as lip care is necessary during the winter so it is necessary during the summer. Due to high temperatures, they need protection from the sun, as well as your skin.

What I like to use to exfoliate is coconut oil and sugar in the evening, but not every night. Easy to make. You only need these two ingredients. When it comes to the balm, I use two currently. About one balm I wrote in an earlier post. This is Forever Living Aloe Lips with jojoba lip balm. It is perfect and moisturize the lips. I like to use it when I feel that my lips are too drained, and when I think that another lip balm would not help. This lip balm leaves more products on your lips, that’s creamier. Other lip balm is the EOS. It is a lot harder, which means that leaves just right amount of product on your lips. Smells great, and taste great :). I like to use it during the day, when my lips are not too drained. Okay, ’till next time…

Lip care

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