Mac Pigment + Inglot Duraline = Perfect dramatic makeup look

Mac Blue Brown pigment

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you feel well. Today I have prepared for you a makeup look. This look is somewhat darker and more dramatic than the previous looks I did. I must emphasize that I enjoyed doing it. Although I know that this is not a look for every day, I have to admit that I like this look a lot. In this post will be a bit more pictures, so be prepared! I used one of the Mac’s pigments and Inglot’s Duraline in order to achieve this look.

Mac Blue Brown pigment

Dramatic look


  • Primer
  • Revlon colorstay liquid foundation
  • Maxfactor setting powder (05)
  • Sleek Face form in Medium
  • Makeup Revolution blush in Hot Spice
  • Makeup Revolution highlighter in Golden goddess

For this look I did not want to do strong contours, because the eyes and lips are dramatic. I added a bit more of highlight, just to highlight certain parts of the face and give them glow.

Mac Blue Brown pigment

Mac pigment i Inglot Duraline


  • Eye shadow primer
  • Morphe brushes 35P palette
  • L’oreal Gel liner
  • Inglot Duraline
  • MAC pigment in shade Blue Brown
  • Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara
  • False eyelashes

Just like in any other look, when working with eye shadows it’s essential that you use a transitional colors of eye shadow. It is the color that is the same or slightly darker than the color of your lids. We use it to make other eye shadow easier to blend in and to achieve that perfect blend. Without which I could not imagine this look is definitely eye liner. I like to use L’Oreal’s gel liner, whose review you can read here. In addition to the liners, I think this look is completed by adding false eyelashes.

Mac pigment i Inglot Duraline

Mac pigment i Inglot Duraline



  • Lip balm
  • Rimmel lip pencil in shade Cherry kiss
  • Alverde lip pencil in shade Aubergine
  • Nyx matte lip cream in shade Transylvania
  • MAC pigment in shade Blue Brown

I applied Nyx’s liquid lipstick in several layers, waiting between each to dry before applying the next one. After that I used flat small Real Techniques brush to apply MAC Blue Brown pigment on the lips. You can read more about Real Techniques brushes here.

Mac pigment i Inglot Duraline

Mac pigment i Inglot Duraline


  • Zoeva brushes in 221 and 226
  • Real techniques brushes

Oh God, do you see that highlight in the last picture?

I would like to thank Sara who agreed to be a model and my best friend Milici who did the perfect photos. I hope we can do this again. 🙂

If you like more neutral look’s you can read about that here. If you do decide to add a little color in your makeup look, you can see how I did it in this post.

If you recreate some of this makeup looks, tagg me so I can see them. Use #lovely_things_by_coffeeholic! ‘Till next time…


Your Coffeeholic.

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