The most beautiful pigments in the world? (SIGIL Inspired)

SIGIL Inspired

Hello my dear friends,

How are you? Although I have not written a post for a long time, I am writing this post today about one particular and lovely product. I found out about this product via Pale Canvas, one amazing blogger and artist. I listened to her advice and recommendation, and I needed to ordered this product. If you want to find what it is, keep reading… 🙂 

So, a few months ago, I was reading some post that Mirna (Pale Canvas) wrote and I saw beautiful pigments. She ordered them from Etsy. I was obsessed when I saw packing, shades, pigmentation. The pigments are by Tammy Tanuka from Russia. It’s an Indie brand, to which Tammy gave the name SIGIL Inspired. Here I left for you a link to her Etsy profile, so if you like it, you can view and order them. As you could already conclude, I was in love with pigments, color, pigmentation, everything! Tammy really blow me a way when it comes to these beautiful pigments! It is possible to order them via Etsy, and they come to your address very fast!

The price of pigment depends on amount of pigment that you want. Currently, pigments of 1 gram and 2 grams are available. It is also possible that you get slightly less pigment in the jar and it depends on the consistency of the pigment itself. The price of a pigment of 1 gram is 4 dollars, and of 2 grams is 7 dollars. This time I took 4 pigments of 2 grams, and the postage for these 4 pigments was 6.5 dollars. The package came in 10 days. I also got a tracking number so I knew where the package was at any time.

SIGIL Inspired, Tammy Tanuka

I was delighted with these jars, weren’t you? The package is too sweet, and I slowly pick the next order. The shades I chose (from left to right) are the following: The matriarch – Drgonblood, Sun Warrior – Nomad, Crystals of Kyanite – Jewels Crystals, Fire Dancer – Nomad.

Below you can see images of each pigment as well as swatches. 🙂

SIGIL Inspired, Tammy Tanuka

The shades from left to right are: The matriarch – Drgonblood, Fire Dancer – Nomad, Crystals of Kyanite – Jewels Crystals, Sun Warrior – Nomad.

SIGIL Inspired pigments
SIGIL Inspired, Sun Warrior SIGIL Inspired, Crystals of Kyanite
SIGIL Inspired, The matriarch SIGIL Inspired, Fire Dancer

Believe me, I have not seen anything more beautiful! I can not wait to make a new order. Pigmentation is brutal. I have never seen more intense red eyes. The pigments themselves show how much effort they have in them and how well they are made. What I must emphasize is that a base is needed for these pigments, to ensure that they remain in place all day. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can choose something like Inglot Duraline, Nyx Glitter, or any other base that you like.

SIGIL Inspired swatches SIGIL Inspired swatches

I hope you liked the post and enjoyed these shades as much as I enjoy whenever I see them. Soon I will do some looks with them, so I hope you will be interesting. Until next time…


Your Coffeeholic!


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