Little trick in makeup

Hello my dear,

How are you doing today? Today I decided to share with you a little trick I learned from one of my favorite makeup artist, Wayne Goss. This trick is related with foundation.

What do we need? For this trick you will need foundation and oil. Use one pomp of foundation and one drop of oil, mix it on your hand or mixing plate. This trick works with liquid or cream foundations, but doesn’t work with powder or mineral foundations. You can use almond oil, jojoba oil, but Wayne doesn’t recommend lavander oil. I decided to try Avon’s Miracle glow oil for this trick. In addition, it turned out to be perfect as a night treatment and I love using it for this trick. Avon oil is practical because it has a pipette for easy dosing.

What do we achieve with this trick? Beautiful skin, which is not hidden under a ton of foundation/makeup. What we want is to emphasize natural beauty and even out your complexion, not to hide your skin under layers of makeup.

What happens when we do this? The oil will change the texture of the foundation. Foundation becomes lighter and smoother, and looks very natural on the skin. This trick will illuminate your complexion and make it beautiful. Application method is up to you. You can use a brush, sponge or fingers. I used a makeup brush for this and I loved it. I used Real Technique stippling brush. I did not use a circular motion, just pat it on the skin. It is very important that you can see your skin, but in this way everything you don’t like is covered.

I hope you will try it out. Let me know if you do try it. Huge thanks to Wayne Goss for sharing this amazing trick.


Your Coffeeholic.

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