Nyx cosmetics – Shimmer roll on

Nyx shimmer roll on

Hello my dear friends,

This post will be a bit more specific than the last one 🙂 Today I will talk about a product that took my breath away. In the past I wasn’t a fan of shimmer, glitter or any other products that had shimmer in them, but this product has made me to change my way of thinking. This post is about Shimmer roll on, a Nyx cosmetics product.

So lets begin with the package. This product comes in a very handy package made out of hard plastic. On the top you can find a small ball which allows an even application of the product. The package contains 1,5g (o,05 oz) of the product. The price really isn’t high, if you consider the quality, weight and usability of the product. It costs about 4 $ (4,75€). The products are cruelty free, which means that they aren’t tested on animals.

I have 6 shades. The shades are: Platinum, Almond, Salmon, Nude, Walnut and Onyx. First shade is white one, the last shade is black. Four shades in the middle are variations of nude. You will have the chance to see it in pictures. These shimmers are great for any makeup look. They are easily blendable, long lasting and they have huge colour range. I use it with eyeshadow base. First, I apply eyeshadow base where I want shimmer to be. I use small detail eyeshadow brush, because I have more control of the product and it is more precisely with the brush. I did not used them with their Nyx Glitter Primer, because their shimmer is finer and not as chunky as they are in glitters. When you use eyeshadow base this product is long lasting and there will be no fallout. The product is amazing. I used them million of times and they always fulfilled my expectations.

I hope that I helped you with this post. They are really my favorite shimmers. If you decide to buy them let me know what do you think about them. Till then…


Your Coffeeholic.



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