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Prirodna kozmetika Mystery

Hello my dear,

long time no see. So, how are you? We did not hang out for a long time. I know. I will compensate you for all subsequent posts. It will be interesting. A lot of new reviews and looks are waiting for you. I wanted to start with this review because I like to start with the good products I’ve discovered. This time I will share with you the Mystery Natural Cosmetics. So let’s start!

I have chosen 2 soaps from their offer. One is with honey and shea butter intended for dry skin, and the other with poppy and lavender, which is used as a peeling. One soap is about 3 euros. The amount you get is 100 grams. They send their products outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Natural cosmetics Mystery makes its cosmetics from the highest quality ingredients and essential oils. Their purpose is to pass through the surface layer of the skin, to absorb into the skin and to feed it, and contribute to the hydration of the skin itself. Besides soaps they offer face creams, tonics, body butter, body lotions, make-up lotions …

I have their soaps for about a month, maybe a bit more. I bought honey soap solely because of my face. I use it only in the evening. After the second day, I noticed a difference. The skin on my face did not tighten and wobble as usual. For the first time, I thought my face was hydrated, not dry, tight and dull. Although I did not have a problematic skin in terms of inflammatory processes, I could definitely see an improvement on my skin. The soap is fantastic and I continued to use it. The smell of this soap is very mild and does not bother me at all. A great recommendation for this soap if you have dry skin!

Natural cosmetics Mystery

As I said, another soap is with poppy and lavender. It is intended for skin peeling. This soap has a stronger smell, the lavender smell. I thought it would be too hard for my skin, but it turned out that it was not really. I do not use it on my face, only for showering. It’s fantastic and I would not change it.

 Natural cosmetics Mystery
To sum up:

  • They look very nice
  • Very nice smells
  • Quality products
  • Available
  • Natural

What more can we ask for? 🙂 I hope that the post was interesting and that you will find something for yourself. I also leave you a link to the Instagram Profile of Mystery Natural Cosmetics, as well as their FB page, where you can read more and order something for yourself. Until next time…


Your Coffeeholic.

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